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Quarter 3 uploads in progress!

We've begun uploads of Quarter 3 videos. So far we have some Taiji Saber basic techniques, beginning of 13 saber form, and 13 Taiji straight sword basic techniques in the Tai chi chuan section. Hope you will enjoy. check back on this page for future updates. More to come!

Taiji Combatives 2

Comprehensive training for martial artist who wish to be proficient in fighting- street, sport, self defense, life-death situations. -warm-ups and stretching to prevent injury 1. Joint loosening/range of motion 2. Floor, wall, and partner stretching. **long set Taiji song shen fa is at bottom of page -Strength training: 1. Body exercises: Without equipment (push ups, …

Taiji combatives 1

Sparring: 1. Build confidence in them- re-enforce it with confidence building drills like parrying, catching (things in Tai Chi form). 2. After teaching solo forms and applications, bring those into a sparring setting. Sparring: It’s something that is thrown in ‘here and there’ until they are comfortable enough. My goal is to assist with getting …

Chinese Medicine at MMA schools

3/17/2019: We had a great turnout at Capitol Punishment MMA in Beltsville Maryland. We were able to do some acupuncture, cupping, tui-na, and kinesio taping for various injured people. 6 people were treated in a 2 hour time slot. 3/7/2019: Visited Lloyd Irvin's school in Camp Springs Maryland to see how staff was doing.