Taijiquan: Wu Ji postures

While we are a school of moving, we do have a few standing postures we will be doing before and after moving drills and forms. In particular the Wuji posture will be done to open and close moving. We will take 3 breaths or more to dan tien Lower diaphragm while holding each posture. Holding these postures will add up in time as you will see in future videos. We just do not do 40 to 60 minutes of standing in one session where time is of the essence to be used towards moving through the form and postures. We’ll spend time closing in wuji posture mind in dan tien at end of practice.

This is the opportunity to clear your mind of thoughts, to relax, be in the moment, focus your qi by aligning your body, relax chest, and sink to dan tien, and return the body to a natural state. We do this before and after movement. Breath at the dan tien for some time before and after Tao Lu form training.


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