Taijiquan: Intro to striking lesson 1

This is the first in a series of how to strike using Taijiquan, universal fighting principles.

Brush Knee

Get a boxing timer and start this one technique for three, 3 minute rounds daily. Throw this punch thousands of times in the air for the next few months with clear internal connection and mindfulness.

Add punching wearing a weighted glove round, a punching with a 3 lb. hand weight round, punching with a 5 lb. hand weight round, a heavy bag round (a bag glove will do), double ended bag round, a focus mitt round. 10 rounds of throwing this one punch as a beginner will go really far. At this point I do not want you to move yet. Stay in same spot rooted to the ground.

People need to understand that if this strike connects with an orbital bone, nose, maxilla, mandible, hyoid bone, xiphoid process, etc., it can really stun an opponent. I’ve knocked guys down with this and so can you.

Train smart.


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