Neigong Meditation. Dan tien and Shou Chou Tien

Lesson 1.2

Part 1: Master the Dan tien First.

Part 2: Shou Chou Tian (Small heaven Neigong)

Wu Wei is don’t act or act when appropriate. In the following videos below (playlist) I teach the methods listed here. In actuality, you will have to find what works for you. My list is based on my teachers and experience. Some parts might work for you and some may not. Some might be similar to what you were taught and some not. Some sections you might want to focus on more as it is needed, other parts you might not be ready for. My suggestion is to try 20 minutes daily and work your way up to 40 minutes then 60 minutes.

Prepare phase: Optional. Gaze inward and scan the status of your nostrils and upper respiratory, then the lower respiratory, and check status of lung capacity with a few deep breaths. Lungs are the organ that actually will deal with the air.

  1. Open the nostrils: upper respiratory: 9 breathings pranayama.
  2. Open the lungs: hands on chest SP21 area. Open lungs in all directions.
  3. 3x cleansing breath out of the mouth longer than inhale.
  4. 3x filling breath, even inhale and exhale.
  5. 3x holding breath. Long and natural as possible (not for asthma or smokers).
  6. Swallow pearl to tan tien: clasp teeth front and sides, massage gum line with tongue, swallow saliva 3 swallowing.

Grasping the Qi phase:  lungs exhale, but kidneys do the inhale in chinese medical theory . Kidneys “grasp the qi”.

*Note: Ren4 “guanyuan” is 3 cun below navel/Ren8. Ren6 “Qihai” is 1.5 cun below navel between Ren 8 navel, and Ren4 Guanyuan.

  • Normal breathing at dan tien, allow lower diaphragm breathing to pull in the air/qi.

Jing to Qi Phase: Cultivation of Yang qi

  1. Cross legs: Hands on lower back breathing- normal breathing.
  2. Testes/ovaries reverse breathing.
  3. Counter clockwise guide qi around dan tien.
  4. Internal pull, non-force, perineum/hui yin awareness. .
  5. Reverse breath: dai mai/mingmen/Ren6 pull. Expand and contract Dai mai. Pulling ren 6 and ming men, “feel as if sitting in warm water up to waist”.
  6. Stoke the ming men fire: build pressure in lower dan tian by qi to Mingmen and diaphragm down to dan tien .

Qi to Shen phase: Raise yang fire and descend yin coolness.

Raise yang Fire

  1. Thrush chest, raise back, spinal flexion and extension: Dragon back warm-up, spinal wave.
  2. Du1, coccyx, and sacrum breathing.
  3. Mingmen breathing
  4. Guiding qi up spine to Du14 C7/T1, normal breathing.
  5. Du15: lift and twist spine (coordinate these with breath Du15- du17).
  6. Du16: Turtle’s neck .
  7. Du17: beating the drum.
  8. Bai hui: massage and lift laogong over the head. Breathe naturally.

Descend Yin Coolness

Breathing in this section is normal, natural, soft,  long, and deep internally. use gentle, downward pressure toward dantian and rib cage collapses. Exhale slightly longer than inhale. think of Tai Chi principle “sink the breath” but with wu wei mindset.

Pc9 at tip of middle fingers will be used often in this series.

  • PC9 to Du24 descend to …
  • PC9 to Yintang descend to…
  • PC9 to Renzhong Du26, upper lip stretch, tongue behind top front teeth. descend to …
  • PC9 to Ren 22: crane neck , swallow any saliva to tan tian. Descend to…
  • PC9 to Ren 17: tap the sternum, open and close sternum, rolling shoulders. Descend to…
  • PC9 to Ren 12: breathing. Descend back to Dantian.
  • Meditation on Du and Ren: concentrate and absorb the sensation w/ dan tian breathing. Inhale up from coccyx to yintang, exhale down front line down to dan tien.
  • Optional: 8 extraordinary large circulations.

(3 cycles of breathing) a. Inhale from mingen to shoulders. Exhale from shoulders- outer arms to fingers. b. Inhale from inner fingers and arms to chest, Exhale from chest and waist down back and outer sides of legs to bottom of feet. c. Inhale from bottom of feet and inside of leg and groin, through hui yin, exhale back to settle Qi in dan tien area.

  • Eye set: warming eyes, up, down, left, right, clockwise, counter clockwise.

Shen to Void set

  • Kan and Li meditation: trigrams heaven\earth, fire\water. Balance your internals: Heaven above, Earth Below, Heart fire, water kidneys.
  • Chong mai, dai mai, du mai, ren mai meditation.
  • Emptiness: meditation here and now, silent, still, oneness.

Closing: settle at dantien for several minutes.

Return to normal, massage kidneys and feet (K1), washing qi head to toe 3x.

Finish: go Walking, Tai Chi.

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