Chinese Medicine at MMA schools

3/17/2019: We had a great turnout at Capitol Punishment MMA in Beltsville Maryland. We were able to do some acupuncture, cupping, tui-na, and kinesio taping for various injured people. 6 people were treated in a 2 hour time slot. 3/7/2019: Visited Lloyd Irvin's school in Camp Springs Maryland to see how staff was doing.

Yang Taijiquan: Intro to form 8 form

The 8 form contains the 13 postures. It was classically used as a warm-up performed 8x before Taiji tui shou or "push hands" training. It is also the beginning of the first section of the long form. This is a great intro form if you have never learned Taijiquan before.

Taijiquan: Gong fu stretching

Always be sure to stretch to your limit you are comfortable. We also recommend that you use the Taijiquan warm-up prior to stretching so that you do not stretch while muscles are cold and stiff.