July 2019 Taijiclub.live Quarterly update

Happy July 4th. We have some great news to report.

July 2nd I’ve passed my 3 NCCAOM National Board exams in Acupuncture and am starting the application license process for Washington DC and Virginia. This was a big deal in my home state of Virginia where I will be able to work on my Virginian friends and for DC for my Washingtonian friends. This was a major gate to pass before I could work on other projects.

I’m full time and fully dedicated now to this site and entering back into the Martial arts community in particular the International Taijiquan (Tai Chi) community, the USA National community, and Local Washington DC community including Chinese martial arts, competitions like MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, and of course Chinese Martial arts events.

Upcoming tournament July 26-28 U.S. Koushu in Baltimore http://usksf.org/

link is at http://usksf.org

One project now accomplished in selling some of my art that had survived a basement flooding at my old condo storage space. Art Gallery Here: https://taijiclub.live/gallery/

$350. 'Neigong'. 3.6 ft H x 2.9 ft W. pastel on paper
$350. ‘Neigong’. 3.6 ft H x 2.9 ft W. pastel on paper

Seminar coming soon: I plan to offer a push hands seminar in August TBD. We’ll start off with long form a few times and then go through the single and double hand partner sets. Cost $125.00 for a half day training. I’m also available for private lessons, and I am scouting for a location to teach a regular class in Northern Virginia.

I’m working with David Dorian-Ross to be able to bring Taijiquan “Tai Chi” to Veterans of the U.S. Military att the VA (Veterans Affairs) hospitals. I’ll also be looking into Wounded Warriors, etc. to volunteer. more at https://www.taijifit.net/vets

New content is being added this quarter and camera/video editing quality is improving for the Taijiquan program, Diet Therapy, TCM, fighting, Tui Na, and more. Our initial offer is very affordable with trial at only $8.99

We did more work for College Park MMA before their fight events. Pre-fight tui-na, cupping, and acupuncture.

Our executive teacher Damon Bramich recently was recently in a magazine in Australia. his website is: http://newcastletaichi.com.au/about/

Article is here:

Best views with an ipad or device that can enlarge screen.

Lastly here is a freebie video. So often people do not engage with their dan tien long enough before starting and ending practice. I share with you one of many way I’ll be showing you how to increase time there. https://youtu.be/ZttnInlXOW8

I can always be reached at:

new business card:

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