Intro to weapons

There is no real order to learning. I started with straight sword for a few years, then saber, and lastly spear then long pole.

Long Pole: 4 Primary techniques are shown. Thrust, Thrust then down strike in ma bu, shaking, shaking at multiple levels.

Yang Saber: opening form, 3rd section to push boat, 2 form closings (punch down or seven star), some of opening fan section.

Heavy/Steel sword: figure 8, reverse figure 8, stirring, peck, horizontal cut, thrust, raising, diving sword, uppercut parry.

Performance/Demo sword: diving sword, horizontal cut, downthrust, up tilt, Naza explores the sea section.

Yang Straight sword: parts of section 2.

Performance/Demo Saber: 13 form section with hit tiger, thrusts.

Spear: Figure 8 flowers, down strike, horizontal strike, uppercut strike, uppercut flowers, stirring, La Na Zha, freeplay with lan na zha and the 3 strikes down, horizontal, upper strike.

Wood Saber: wrapping and chop, thrust, uppercut, hand on blade skill, figure 8, some section 3, chop and blocks.

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