Latest News 9/6/2019

Here is an update on some of our latest news. Last update with addition links: 9/13/2019

We were interviewed by Bingru Wang who is a reporter in China. She was interested in doing a segment on how Chinese medicine is accepted in the west. She visited Marc Wasserman’s Flow Health clinic in Hunt Valley Maryland where I showed her some Ba dua jin and Taijiquan and talked a little about Chinese medicine, but the star of the show is Marc Wasserman, he was one of my professors at Virginia University of Oriental Medicine and he has a PHD from a prestigious university in Taiwan. Marc can read, write, and speak Chinese brilliantly and it is why I directed Bingru to Marc when she first approached me.

English subtitles:

Chinese video here:

Over the summer I was a teaching assist at the acupuncture university for Clinical Point selection and Communications II. Professor Justin Flinner ( with his unique way of teaching is an invaluable asset to the school. I really enjoyed the experience.

In the Communications class he was teaching about using social media, blogs, websites, and podcasts to communicate your message across. He even did a podcast from the classroom in a discussion on “healing presence” a talk with acupuncture students. Compassion, empathy, sympathy, and good bedside manners in the healing process.


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Saturday Oct. 5th at 8am I’ll be offering a free 10 week Taijiquan (T’ai Chi chuan) class at Virginia University of Integrative Medicine in room 200 that is open to the public. Our Warm Up will include some qigong and we’ll focus on Yang Family Taijiquan jibengong and first section. 9401 Mathy dr. Fairfax Virginia.

I’ll be teaching the Qigong class for VUIM students on Saturdays 9am with focus on Dan tian, Ba Duan jin, 6 healing sounds, and emitting qi for Tui na and Acupuncture.

My study guides for acupuncture students. My notes and former blogs on paper. Lifestyle book is 281 pages. Oriental medicine is 225 pages. Acupuncture book 350 pages. Western medicine is 156 pages, Herbs/formulas is 357 pages. Click on image gallery for larger view of books.

Lastly I’ve been working at in Alexandria Virginia and have been well received by patients. It is an excellent experience and love to see the patients much happier in relief from pain and suffering after treatment. I combine Tui Na for “healing touch” along with my needle treatments if the case calls for it. You can book appointments here:

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