Yang style Tai Chi/Taiji class at VUIM

What to expect at our Public class and Didactic classes at Virginia University of Integrative Medicine (VUIM).

Oct. 11, 2020: We will be having more classes outside for public in Virginia at Virginia University of Integrative Medicine (VUIM.edu) in Fall starting in October.  Sundays 8am. It follows the 10 week semester for VUIM.edu starting Oct. 11. The classes are no longer indoors, and weather permitting, with social distance (6 feet apart). Masks, hand sanitizer, etc.  are encouraged, but we will not be touching anyone like posture corrections or push hands for example. Qigong and Yang’s Tai Chi 8 form are taught in details (sample videos for reference below).

Address is Virginia University of Integrative medicine. 9401 Mathy Dr. Fairfax Virginia off Pickett rd. across from Lifetime Fitness.

Prescription Tai Chi: the benefits comes from daily practice. For 10 weeks, each day do these sets in that order. Journal the experience. Communicate back if you do not feel better after 100 days. – Matthew Stampe

Tai Chi Private lesson also available. 30 minutes in-person or Telemedicine $40.00

Yang style 13 qigong/warm up

Yang style Relaxation Neigong in Wuji stance

Yang style 8 form: Ward off, roll back, press, push, single whip, lift hands, white crane spreads wings, brush knee. The 8 form is an old yang form from Yongnian country Guang Fu town where the Yang family resided. In his youth, Fu Zhongwen, under the training of Yang Zhoupeng (Yang Banhou’s son) learned this form that repeats 8 times, so students had a easy 20 minute form as a warm-up to Tui shou (Push hands) the auxiliary two person mid-range grappling drill.


Yang style Pai Da gong: “Packing the Qi” into the 4 limbs, head, and body.

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