Tai Chi Class Week 4,5,6

Tai Chi lectures for students of Virginia University of Integrative Medicine.

Week 4 class Feb.1,2020: Weapons lecture, video demos, and homework.

Lecture 4 video

Tai Chi push hands demo with Fu Zhongwen and his son Fu Shengyuan

Tai Chi straight sword with Fu Qingquan

Tai Chi straight sword two man set clip

Tai Chi saber Demo with Fu Qingquan

Tai Chi two man Saber photos

Tai Chi long pole, shivering staff with Han Qingmin

Tai chi Two person spear:

Tai Chi paired San shou routine: the attack and defense partner set.

Home work:
Basics training: walking forward with Brush knee twist step:

20 min. workout: 13 warm-up, Relaxation neigong, 8 form Practice, Pai Da Gong (patting massage).

Week 5: Feb. 8 forward to lecture 8 on Tai Chi and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Week 6: Feb 15th: Discrepancies in Tai Chi and TCM

•With arts like Tai Chi, I do not think it is important to focus on any of these or other channels at all. The mind’s intention (Yi) is directed at using the martial arts techniques vs an opponent and thus qi and circulation happens naturally without trying to force or make it happen by unnatural means. By concentrating on the continual movement from posture to posture, the 12 regular meridians and the 8 extraordinary channels will benefit unconsciously if the practitioner trains hard enough and brings not only health to its practitioner, but with correct practice over time, reap the benefits of the hard work and obtain real gong fu. Avoid Qi sickness with forcing or unmonitored training and just relax and flow. Enjoy the movements of Tai Chi.

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