Happy World Wushu Day. Chinese Martial Arts and Kung Fu. Jiayo!

Happy world wushu day 2020! Whether you do Traditional kung fu or Modern wushu, shaolin or Wu Dang style, External or Internal forms, we share today the spirit of strength, wisdom, health, and oneness.

Though I started out doing Yang’s Tai Chi, I was introduced to a few professional wushu coaches (RVA: Coach He Weiqi and Coach Zhou Jianhua of Shanghai, NOVA: Coach Lu Xiaoling, Coach Li Ying of Beijing) from 1992 to about 2004. I’m really glad I went through the painstaking training required to put your body in such demanding forms. It taught me a lot about stamina, endurance, and to be sure you have enough gas in your tank to pull it off. I really wish I had a camera in my youth for the skateboarding, wushu training, and competitions I was doing up to my first video camera around 2002 or so. Youtube came around 2006 or so. I was already 33 years old in the Wushu forms shown below and that is over the hill in the wushu sport. Jiayo!

Wushu Taijiquan compulsories not as much, and easier on the body. Though I competed, the nerves froze up on occasions. One was during the 2001 USA Team trials. I made it through 42 Taijiquan, and 42 Sword, but that year USAWKF wanted all competitors to do a long weapon form (even Taijiquan people)so competitors were required to do spear, cudgel, or nangun. There was not a Taiji spear form, so all Taijiquan competitors did wushu compulsory spear. I froze in middle of my spear form and didn’t make the team. I think Brandon Sugiyama was the only other Taijiquan competitor in which he made the team. Jiayo!

Coach Lu Xiaoling, a former USA Wushu team Coach and USAWKF and IWUF official once offered me and some of the students a chance to go to Beijing China and do Duan testing. Right out of college really never had the money, and resources living on my own. I really regret it sometimes. That, and not getting involved enough in coaching, the Chinese martial art competition USAWKF circuits by being an official, judging, or referee at USKSF As for Wushu sport forms like long boxing I’d break my back trying to do those compulsory wushu forms now! Jiayo!

Wushu compulsory Changquan/Long boxing:

Wushu Compulsory Jian/straight sword:

Wushu Qiang/Spear

Tickled my brain to see if I remember these form from 20 years ago. International 42 Taijiquan competition form that uses Chen, Yang, Wu, and Sun form. Tried out for USA team back in 2001, was much more flexible and had lower stances back then. Jiaoyo!
42 Taiji Daolu

42 Taiji Jian:

16 Taiji qiang

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