Tai Chi Class Week 4,5,6

Tai Chi lectures for students of Virginia University of Integrative Medicine. Week 4 class Feb.1,2020: Weapons lecture, video demos, and homework. Lecture 4 video Tai Chi push hands demo with Fu Zhongwen and his son Fu Shengyuan https://youtu.be/33djqZsKSlw Tai Chi straight sword with Fu Qingquan https://youtu.be/x9oTgS-rBbE Tai Chi straight sword two man set clip https://youtu.be/3-Lvzuec7YA

Qigong Class Week 4, 5, 6

Info for students of Virginia University of Integrative Medicine. More to come Stay tuned. Week 4 for Jan. 31, 2020: Various Qigong Styles,sample videos, homework. PDF for lecture 4 Qigong_lecture4 Video Samples: Shaolin Yi Jin Jing Muscle-sinew Change Classic https://youtu.be/IFoOUUNP_Oc Hua Tuo's Five Animal frolics- Simplified https://youtu.be/T9m18Je462U Another Variation of 6 healing syllables https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMSnXlsuoGQ 5 …

Quarter 3 uploads in progress!

We've begun uploads of Quarter 3 videos. So far we have some Taiji Saber basic techniques, beginning of 13 saber form, and 13 Taiji straight sword basic techniques in the Tai chi chuan section. Hope you will enjoy. check back on this page for future updates. More to come!