Taiji Pai Dai Gong: Self patting massage set 1

Tai chi warm down/self patting massage 1. Outside of legs 2. Inside of legs 3. Lower back/kidneys extra: swinging arms hitting body- abs, shoulders, etc. 4. Outside of arms 5. Inside of arms 6. Face massage 7. Scalp massage- wake brain. 8. Ear massage 9. Stomach massage 10. Reverse tan tien breathing 9x

Tui-Na Basics

Tui Na- meaning “push and grasp” therapeutic massage used to treat a variety of internal and external treatment. It is unique in that it incorporates principles of TCM and meridian knowledge and theory. It relieves stagnation, tonify and disperse qi and blood. The original terms used were “An Mo” which means “press and rub”. Goes …