Xiang Gong: The Fragrant Mind Awakening Qigong 中国香功-田瑞生

Xiang Gong 中国香功-田瑞生. Often in the days of training at Richmond Wushu back in the early 90's, after class, Coach Weiqi would sometimes guide us through some of these Buddhist qigong movements as a warm-down. Some history of the style and video can be found here at links at bottom of page. Coach Weiqi says …

Yang Taijiquan: Intro to form 8 form

The 8 form contains the 13 postures. It was classically used as a warm-up performed 8x before Taiji tui shou or "push hands" training. It is also the beginning of the first section of the long form. This is a great intro form if you have never learned Taijiquan before.