30 Jibengong lines of Yang Taijiquan

Set 1: Beginners (7 drills) Forward Walking https://videos.files.wordpress.com/HBCcNgqk/forward-walk2-1_hd.mp4 Forward walking adding raise the hands https://videos.files.wordpress.com/62rphYdd/forward-with-hand-1_hd.mp4 Side stepping https://videos.files.wordpress.com/Q93R3cGh/side-step_hd.mp4 Side stepping with Flapping wings https://videos.files.wordpress.com/E4Mbl10O/sidestepwithhand-1_hd.mp4 Backward stepping https://videos.files.wordpress.com/AutRVj7p/backstep-basic_hd.mp4 2 Balance and kick drills https://videos.files.wordpress.com/ohp9BlhD/kick-balance-drlls-1_hd.mp4 Set 2: Intermediate (7 drills) Part Horse Mane (same hand and foot) https://videos.files.wordpress.com/wwaV78Z9/parthorsemane_hd.mp4 Brush Knee (Opposite hand and foot) https://videos.files.wordpress.com/BtbJa455/brushknee-1_hd.mp4 Repulse Monkey …

Taijiquan: Gong fu stretching

Always be sure to stretch to your limit you are comfortable. We also recommend that you use the Taijiquan warm-up prior to stretching so that you do not stretch while muscles are cold and stiff.