Xiang Gong: The Fragrant Mind Awakening Qigong 中国香功-田瑞生

Xiang Gong 中国香功-田瑞生. Often in the days of training at Richmond Wushu back in the early 90's, after class, Coach Weiqi would sometimes guide us through some of these Buddhist qigong movements as a warm-down. Some history of the style and video can be found here at links at bottom of page. Coach Weiqi says …

Tai Chi Class Week 4,5,6

Tai Chi lectures for students of Virginia University of Integrative Medicine. Week 4 class Feb.1,2020: Weapons lecture, video demos, and homework. Lecture 4 video Tai Chi push hands demo with Fu Zhongwen and his son Fu Shengyuan https://youtu.be/33djqZsKSlw Tai Chi straight sword with Fu Qingquan https://youtu.be/x9oTgS-rBbE Tai Chi straight sword two man set clip https://youtu.be/3-Lvzuec7YA

Qigong Class Week 4, 5, 6

Info for students of Virginia University of Integrative Medicine. More to come Stay tuned. Week 4 for Jan. 31, 2020: Various Qigong Styles,sample videos, homework. PDF for lecture 4 Qigong_lecture4 Video Samples: Shaolin Yi Jin Jing Muscle-sinew Change Classic https://youtu.be/IFoOUUNP_Oc Hua Tuo's Five Animal frolics- Simplified https://youtu.be/T9m18Je462U Another Variation of 6 healing syllables https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMSnXlsuoGQ 5 …

Chinese Medicine at MMA schools

3/17/2019: We had a great turnout at Capitol Punishment MMA in Beltsville Maryland. We were able to do some acupuncture, cupping, tui-na, and kinesio taping for various injured people. 6 people were treated in a 2 hour time slot. 3/7/2019: Visited Lloyd Irvin's school in Camp Springs Maryland to see how staff was doing.