Herbal Formulas and Medicines

Herbs are part of the first pillar of chinese medicine as a dietary supplement. Herbal formulas can help with all sorts of ailments. We can have herbs shipped from the supplier to your home. Herb consultation with Matt Stampe. These must be prescribed by a practitioner as supplies are limited to licensed practitioners. Contact me if you are interested in Chinese Herbal formulas in capsule, tincture, or tea powder. My primary suppliers are Kamwo, KPC, Evergreen, TCM Zone, and Active herb. We can customize formulas for you as well.There is a No Refund Policy. Initial Herbal Consult with Herbal Formula is $60.00

Follow-up with Herbal formula $35.00

Formulas in Stock $25.00 USD unless specified.

Xiao yao San- for Liver Qi stagnation, frustration, menstrual cramps, calming,

Gui Pi tang: Spleen and heart formula to nourish mind and blood, for over thinkers, stressed.

Adrenal + for those with Adrenal burn out. $40.00

Astringent complex: for inflammation

Back Support (CR) Chronic Back pain and Sciatica

Balance Spring: for women with gynecological issues

Cholisma- for high Cholesterol, Damp & Phlegm

Cholisma (ES) for Obesity

Enhance memory for those who study alot of getting older with dementia signs. $30.00

Flex (MLT) a Muscle, Tendon, Ligament formulas great for sports people

Gastrodia Complex for Liver Fire and Kidney and Liver yin deficency

Herbal ANG: analgesic for pain, like Shen tong zhu yu tang

Herbal DTX: detox and tonify kidneys

Herbalite: for Weight loss

Immune +: For those with weak defense that tend to get sick easily like common cold.

Imperial Tonic: a All-Around great tonic to feel better. Based on Ba Zhen Tang

Knee and Ankle: tonic to assist pain and arthritis in knee and ankle

LPS Support: Lupus support. $40

Magnolia Sinus Clear: for those with sinus issues.

Neuroplus: for those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, losing mental acuity from Stroke. $40.00

Nourish Fluids: Nourish the Lungs and Stomach in people who smoke and feel dry and dehydration

Resolve Lower: for women with fibroids, endometriosis, and other issue affecting fertility. $30.00

Silerex: for skin rash eczema, psoriasis

Symmetry: Face issues like TMJ, Bell’s palsy, Facial paralysis. $40.00

Vital Essence: male infertility, enhance low sperm count

Ba Zhen Tang: Tonic for general Qi and Blood circulation

Bu Zhong yi Qi Tang: Tonifies the Qi in the Spleen and Stomach, good tonic for many issues like distention.

Jin Gui shen qi Wan: Tonify Kidney Yang

Liu Wei Di huang Tang: for Kidney and Liver yin deficiency


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