Martial Art team information

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced we offer some training based on experience in forms (empty hand, short weapon, and long weapons), group form, push hands, and fighting. Usually in competitions you will get a medal, trophy, or some kind of recognition you can use to build your experience and resume as you develop yourself professionally as a martial artist within the martial arts community. Competition builds character and grit, training for a competition helps develop skills under pressure, and is a good way to challenge yourself. You will get better with competition and ranking events.

Forms competition: solo and group

Competition training: we’ll review the timing and procedures to do solo and group forms in front of judges who will grade you. We will go over what the judges may be looking for like remembering your form, flow, stances, timing, power, and balance. We will practice with a stop watch to be sure you are starting and stopping within the allowed time amount.

Those who have never competed should do the beginner brackets. Those who have done beginner should next do intermediate competition, and those who have done intermediate should do advanced category. We will help you prepare, get a good silk pajama, and/or group uniforms. We will do team traveling and meet-ups.

Group performance is usually with the team and we would do a group performance of form or weapon based on the events available.

Push hands training is also done to prepare for competition.

Team will also do performances and demos when requested.

Competition Event Organizations:

United States Koushu Federation USKSF (Taiwan) Link here

United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation USAWKF (Mainland China): link here

World Koushu Federation (TWKSF Taiwan): link here

International Wushu Federation (IWUF China): link here

U.S. Capitol Classics: link here

International Chinese martial arts competition link here

Fight Team: Do you have what it takes?

Lei Tai Raised platform Full contact fighting, Ring or Cage.

National and Internation organizations you need to regiaster as a fighter with and you have to present a doctor’s physical:

United States Koushu Federation USKSF (Taiwan) Lei Tai Link here

United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation USAWKF (Mainland China) San Da/San Shou: link here

World Koushu Federation (TWKSF Taiwan): link here

International Wushu Federation (IWUF China): link here

Fight team is centered around 12 week fight camp before the fight date for those interested in Sport competition and tournaments. Koushu Lei Tai full contact, San Da or San shou full contact, Muay Thai smokers and other amateur events including MMA we can corner you and prepare you. We’ve trained several fighters for these types of events and will be glad to work with you and help you develop stamina, mind-set, endurance, technique, courage, and pressure to rehearse the chaos and violence that will occur in the ring, lei tai, mat, or cage. The work has to be put in without complaint. There is a lot to cover and much to do and study when taking on the role of a full contact fighter.

Ranking: we will rank you based on your ability and give you certificates of completion. You will go through beginner, intermediate, and advanced testing if you are interested in ranking. This is similar to a belt system, however Taijiquan does not have a real belt or ranking system. It is only adapted for modern times, to track your progress, seniority, establish goals, and develop you into a complete martial artist. We will teach you fighting methods for in and out of the ring, real-world self defense. You can train like a fighter, but not have to do combat sport event unless you desire to do so.