Medicinal Eating

Food as medicine:


Journal of the Tao Experience Foundation: Wilson Pitts with Dr. Amy Tseng
Qi magazine issue 1, vol. 1.

“Healing with Whole Foods”- Paul Pitchford.

“Chinese Nutrition Therapy”- Joerg Kastner.

Chinese Medicated Diet, Publishing house of Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Youtube: Christina Kapothanasis, L. Ac., Dipl. O.M.
Shennong website

Historical Classics:

Yuan dynasty: The School of Replenishing the Spleen and Stomach.- Li Kao (1180-1251).
Zhou dynasty: Yellow Emperor Classic on Internal Medicine.
Han DynastyShennong’s Herbal Classic.
Treatise on Febrile and Misc. Diseases– Zhang Zhongjing.
Tang Dynasty- Prescriptions Worth 1000 Gold for Emergencies– Sun Simiao.
Yuan Dynasty- Principles of Correct Diet– Hu Sihui.
Qing dynasty– Recipes of Sui Xiju– Wang Shixiong.
Analysis of Food and Drink for Treatment of Diseases.- Zhang Mu.