Neigong and Meditation


    Traditional Chinese neigong, Tibetan, and India meditation systems for the betterment of humanity*


   “As a bee seeks nectar from all kinds of flowers, seek teachings everywhere;

like a deer that finds a quiet place to graze, seek seclusion to digest all that you have gathered.

Like a madman, beyond all limits, go wherever you please;

and live like a lion, completely free of all fear.” – A tantra of Dzogchen.

      People get into meditation for many reasons. Some want to tame their mind, center and ground to know the true self, find everyday peace in life, seek a higher power (God, Buddha, Nirvana, Tao, etc.), develop latent potential, or prepare for death. You have to know what is important to you and make the decision to apply quality time to develop breath awareness, harmonize the mind, and cultivate energetic body skills. Your length of practice will depend on your ability and so it is important to not force it or be lazy. Early morning and late evening practice is recommend when mind is fresh or relaxed. You will need to have a quiet place like a room or corner of room to make your sacred space free from distractions. Diligent meditation will lead to a more pure and clearer mental state, aka contemplation. The natural state we all have, but demands the discipline of a monk. It will be suggested to take one of the methods described below and run with it. Go deep in one and do not mix traditions and methods.

*We are not here to change your religious beliefs, only present methods used in Asia that can enhance your spiritual cultivation. Also we firmly believe to take caution in learning these without a skilled teacher. We will share open and public methods that are allowed. Lastly, we are not trying to take away from your individuality. It is very important to ground yourself after working with groups so as to not be changed by group mind thinking. When individuals lose a sense of self and start to rely on organized religion and groups it can be cultish. Charlatans, fake gurus, and people claiming secrets or using psychological skills and mental powers in immoral ways are dishonest and seeking to control people and gain from you financially. Beware of what is out there and those who do not have a ethical/moral views and behaviors in the spiritual community. Have fun, generate merit, unify compassion with wisdom, find peace of mind, and blessings to you and yours. 



Taoist Neigong 

Buddhist Meditation

Yogas of India


In conclusion:

So we hope you have found this information beneficial and can make an informed decision to take a meditation system and go deep in it to gain some health benefit mentally, spiritually, and to have a better quality of life. We are not here to change your beliefs or religion, but only to share some methods that may enhance your spirituality or religion. We believe meditation is a unifying principle for self and humanity.