Qigong: cultivate life force

Prescription Qigong:  benefits come from daily practice. Diligence! For 10 weeks, each day, do one or both of these fundamental Qigong sets. Journal the experience. Communicate back if you do not feel better after 100 days. – Matthew

Free Follow along videos.  Enjoy.

Some pointers: The only was to find your Qi, is to be in the present moment and using your feeling. You cannot have a mind stuck in the past or thinking about the future.  Find a quiet place free of distractions. Crossed leg sit or Stand relaxed and with good posture, breath from lower diaphragm “dan tien” area below belly button. Tongue on roof of mouth, behind upper teeth. Shoulders relaxed. Seek out tension in the body and release it.

Deep Dive into the Dan Tien before starting! More details here.

Baduanjin “8 Piece Brocade” an excellent start for beginners

6 syllable formula. Transform stress and negative emotions. sitting version (less audible): each sound affects a internal organ: SSSS for lung (positive: joy, negative: sad and grief), Whooo for Kidney (positive: courage, negative: fear), Shuuu for Liver (positive kindness, negative: anger), Haaaa for Heart (positive patience, negative: impatience), Huuuuu for Stomach (positive: centered/grounded, negative: worry and pensiveness), and Heeeee for Triple burner.

6 syllable formula standing version: each sound affects a internal organ: SSSS for lung, Whooo for Kidney, Shuuu for Liver, Haaaa for Heart, Huuuuu for Stomach, and Heeeee for Triple burner.

Telemedicine Personal training in qigong is also available: $40 for 30 minutes one-on-one session. See Qigong menu below.

Other Qigong we teach:

Longevity health maintenance Qigong.
18 Taiji Qigong,
Hua to’s 5 animals,
Yi Jin Jing “Muscle tendon change classic”.
Zhan Zhang: 5 element palms and Yiquan variations,
Xiang gong “Fragrant qigong”,
Microcosmic Orbit,
Medical qigong: Goulin Walking Qigong,
Internal nourish Qigong,
Roborant qigong,
Lower Blood pressure Qigong,
Coronary Artery disease Qigong,
Soothe Liver Qigong (Liver Disease),
Daoyin for Diabetes,
Weight losing body building Qigong,
Innate yin qigong for Menopause,
Tight and Relax Qigong for Insomnia,
Float and merge Qigong for Chronic Fatigue syndrome,
Lower Back and painful legs Qigong,
Cervical Spondylosis qigong,
Myopia Vision Improve qigong,
Qigong for heart, Spleen, Stomach, Lungs, Liver, Kidneys.
Qigong for: head, neck, Ears, Shoulders and Arms, Sternocostal, Abdominal, Waist, and Lower legs.