Quarter 3 uploads in progress!

We've begun uploads of Quarter 3 videos. So far we have some Taiji Saber basic techniques, beginning of 13 saber form, and 13 Taiji straight sword basic techniques in the Tai chi chuan section. Hope you will enjoy. check back on this page for future updates. More to come!

Quarter 3: Taijiclub

10/11/2019 New uploads: 1st section Yang Long form instructional., Section 3 and 4 Saber. 1st section repeated twice. https://taijiclub.live/1st-section-instruct-1-m4v/ Repeat section 1 two times: https://videos.files.wordpress.com/9vVlQwGr/1st-sectionv1-1_hd.mp4 9/27/2019 added 13 Taiji jian (straight sword) basic techniques. further down the page. New Saber training forms: Basics and Beginning of 13 Saber form. https://taijiclub.live/saber-basics-1-m4v/ https://taijiclub.live/saber1-mp4/ https://taijiclub.live/13_taijisword1-1-avi/ https://taijiclub.live/taiji-sword2-1-m4v/ https://taijiclub.live/taijisword3-1-m4v Please …