Tai Chi Class Week 4,5,6

Tai Chi lectures for students of Virginia University of Integrative Medicine. Week 4 class Feb.1,2020: Weapons lecture, video demos, and homework. Lecture 4 video Tai Chi push hands demo with Fu Zhongwen and his son Fu Shengyuan https://youtu.be/33djqZsKSlw Tai Chi straight sword with Fu Qingquan https://youtu.be/x9oTgS-rBbE Tai Chi straight sword two man set clip https://youtu.be/3-Lvzuec7YA


3/3/2020: Membership site is currently off to give some free lessons in Qigong and Tai Chi to help folks during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Most training posts still private but will be back online eventually. Welcome to Taijiclub.Live* (membership site) Prescription Qigong: Click here. Prescription Taiji/Tai Chi: Click here. Mission: Our Mission is to provide safe, …