Tao Lu (forms)

Future section to talk about and demo of forms: Yang Taijiquan

Forms I’ve studied: 1st was Cheng Man Ching’s Yang “Short” form in the park and at Tidewater Tai Chi, a simplified and modified version of the Yang Family Taijiquan form. Later I was introduced to Fu Zhongwen’s version of the Long form through Coach He Weiqi. They number it at “85” movements. I learned a 13 Yangjia Michuan form at Dancing mountain Taijiquan school, as I was interested in Zhang Qilin’s version of Yang Taijiquan. Xianhao Cheng’s “Hangzhou” China variation of long form while in Norfolk Virginia when i lived there. Later moving to Washington D.C. metro area: Yang Zhenduo’s long form version at Qi Elements, Yang Zhenjie’s long form version at U.S. Wushu academy, and lastly International Yang Family Association’s “103” form which is primarily Yang Zhenduo’s and Yang Jun’s current version. About 4 variations of Yang long form to compare and understand the differences.

I consider Fu Zhongwen’s Yang Taijiquan form to be the most “Authentic” of them all and my central practice. His versioin is what I beleive the inner long term disciples were doing before Yang Chengfu and other disciples made some public modifications. Fu Zhongwen has expressed he had never changed the form from Yang Chengfu’s and Yang Zhoupeng’s (son of Yang Banhou) version that was done in Yongnian county , Guang Ping prefecture China, the home of the Yang family.

Chen Taijiquan I’ve learn some competition routines, and the Laojia ‘Yi Lu” and Xinjia “Er Lu” versions of Chen Zhenlei. This was to investigate the obvious silk reeling, fajin, and methods Yang Luchan may had learned in Chen village under Chan Changxin. This is not part of my central practice.

Other Yang style forms learned: 8 form, 13 form, 24 form, 40 form, 37 form, 49 form, 32 sword, 56 sword, 13 saber, 13 long pole, 16 spear, 24 spear.

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Fu Zhongwen

The 85 long form is the best and most AUTHENTIC Yang form there is. It is unchanged from Yongnian village and was practiced by Yang Zhoupeng and Yang Chengfu. Fu zhongwen did not modify the form as well as he is the founder of Yongnian Association in Shanghai. It has great flow, does not do extra shifts, rounded and smooth, open and comfortable, and enjoyable to perform. The 103 Standard Yang family form is much much slower, awkward, and uncomfortable to do. The timing is under 18 minutes.

The 103 forms timing is WAYYYYY to slow. The 85 long form is much better, it does repulse monkey, cloud hands, and part horse mane 5 times, less extra shifts and is done about 18 minutes. This form does less repulse monkey, cloud hands , and part horse mane (3) and is much longer at over 27 minutes. To slow creates a jin (internal silk pulling) issue (unable to pull silk smoothly).